What is SeatServe

Simple Process, Great Impact


Fan places the order


Concession prepares the order


Runner delivers the order


Fan enjoy their order

Welcome To The Future of Venue Concessions

SeatServe proudly provides venues with the technology and infrastructure to improve the fan purchasing experience and increase margins within the Food & Beverage division.

With our workforce efficiency system and big data analytics tools, SeatServe brings your venue, specifically your concessions and merchandising, into the age of connected venues. Everyone wins with SeatServe. Vendors increase sales, Teams sell more merchandise, the Stadium improves ROI and the Fans enjoy every minute of the event they paid to see.

SeatServe works closely with venues and sponsors to offer fans incredible service and brand promotions. SeatServe serves the U.S. and the global market and is located in the heart of Manhattan, NY, U.S.A.

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