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In 2014 the founders of SeatServe, along with leaders in hospitality and venue design, set out to reinvent the in-venue fan experience. The goal was simple – allow fans to stay in their seats to order food, drinks and merchandise from their phones. The result is simple – seatserve.com. The process was anything but simple! 

Over 4 years, SeatServe’s engineers and software developers, worked tirelessly to create and refine the ultimate in-seat experience for fans.

At it’s core, SeatServe was designed to solve the fans biggest pain point – waiting in line while the event goes on without them. We’ve all had that feeling – hearing the roar of the crowd while you are waiting for a burger or beer – you stand there and listen, drop your head, wonder what you missed and sometimes run back to your seat to see what happened. You don’t have this kind of experience when you use SeatServe!

SeatServe works closely with venues and sponsors to offer fans incredible service and brand promotions. SeatServe serves the U.S. and the global market and is located in the heart of Manhattan, NY, U.S.A.

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