Learn How Our SeatServe Technology Works

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SeatServe provides you with cutting-edge technology to optimize order fulfillment in your stadium. After their first order, they’ll be hooked!

  • Real-time order visualization and management
  • More robust market data
  • Evenly dispersed and consistent sales patterns
  • All inclusive technology suite
  • Full support including daily logistical support
  • Customizable to any stadium
  • Comprehensive server training
  • No more purchase size limits
  • Data-driven real-time push notifications
  • Special promotions sent right to their phones

The Technology

  • User Application – Available on all Android and iPhone devices
  • Concession Stand Device – Receive and fulfill orders
  • Runner Device – Ensures accurate and quick delivery
  • Manager Interface – Overview of the management device
  • Concession stand monitoring
  • In-depth demographic data to better target customers
  • Interactive reporting modules
  • Load-Balancing algorithms guarantee accurate and quick delivery
  • Proprietary batching algorithms reduce system load

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